Pay and benefits are one of your company's biggest investments.
Make sure that your employees know the full value of their compensation package.

Use Dollar Compensation Statements to create total reward communications for $1 to $3 per print-ready statement.

Whether you have 10 employees or 20,000 employees, we have a cost-effective total compensation statement solution for you.

Total Compensation Statement

Groups with Under 500 Employees

Create professional-looking Total Compensation Statements using our Cloud-Based Statement Generator.

  • No Risk – Preview your statements before you pay
  • User-Friendly – Try it, make changes and run your statements again
  • No Minimum and no setup fees
  • Brand your statements with your logo and personalized letter to employees

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Groups with 300+ Employees

We offer printing and mailing services also. You can choose to use our Cloud-Based Statement Generator or develop a more customized or fully custom statement.

Even if you require customizations, our Statement Generator can help you identify needed changes and reduce the cost of programming by allowing you to review most of your layout and identify what changes you need.

Watch Our Video Tutorial

Watch this video to learn more about completing our spreadsheets and using our Online Statement Generator.