Why Do Statements At All?

Total Compensation Statements role in engaging employees

  • Many employees have no idea what their benefits are worth.
  • Your organization’s success requires engaged employees who are focused on achieving your organization’s goals.
  • Well-designed statements can improve employees' understanding and appreciation of their benefits.

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Ease Pain of Healthcare Cost Increases

Helping employees understand how much you are contributing to their health, dental, disability and other insurance programs helps employees better accept increases to their contributions.

Help employees make smart benefits decisions

The impact of targeted messages delivered through personalized communications can be staggering.
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Total Compensation Statements can support your CDHC goals

As you encourage employees to take greater responsibility for health and wellness, you need to explore every opportunity to engage your workforce in discussions about health, wellness and the benefits you offer.
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Investing in Total Reward Statements Can Provide More Value Than Investing in Richer Employee Benefits

Employees can only appreciate the value of a benefit if they have understand of its monetary value. Most people have no idea how much it costs to purchase health insurance for their families — certainly not at the benefit levels provided by most companies.
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Why Total Compensation Statements?