Smaller Employers

$1 to $2.50 Per Employee Using
Our Online Statement Generator

Statements include: your company logo, personalized letter to employees and your choice of several layouts and color palettes

Our online cloud-based statement generator makes it easy:
  • Choose from a variety of samples and color schemes
  • View a free preview of all statements before you pay
  • Make changes and run another preview with no additional charges
  • Print your statements minutes after uploading employee data

Looking for information about what to include in Compensation Statements? Learn More

Want more information about using our statement generator? Learn More

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Need customizations?

Most statement customizations can be done for a small fee typically ranging from $100-$500.
Once your customizations are made, we manually run your statements for a small fee in addition to the per statement charge. You only pay for customizations once. Next year, you can use the same layout without paying for the customizations again.

Need printing and mailing?

We can provide printing and mailing services for groups with more than 300 employees. For more information, email

Deliver Targeted, Personalized Messages

Our Total Compensation Statements are designed to deliver targeted messages to your workforce. Show your employees:

  • The value of 401(k) contributions accruing interest over 20 years
  • The value of a Health Savings Account
  • The benefits that they and their dependents have as a result of being your employee
  • How much you contribute to their health, dental, disability and other benefits
Less than 500 employees